won't be feeling sorry, sorry, sorry

on the judgement day

Captain John Hart
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Hero Takes A Fall
Captain John Hart; former Time Agent, currently rather mercenary universal joy-rider. He wants you for your money, your body, and your secrets. Any actual intelligent conversation is a very optional bonus. <3

A few things to remember:
· This is not Captain Jack Harkness. There's more sarcasm and better cheekbones.
· Also not the Catholic church; no reformation here, and rehabilitation failed quite miserably.
· Sonic's just not as fun as things that go boom.
· John has a bit of a tempe- oops, you're dead now, never mind.
· This man has found new ways to abuse disco and 70s-80s pop culture.

((Given this character's volatile and post-watershed nature, it's safe to assume that the content herein is the same. He and I are both well over eighteen, but you may not be, or may just not be interested. Read with caution. || Captain John Hart, Torchwood, and various sundry belong to the BBC and James Marsters, ergo not to me. This is for fun, so please don't sue.))
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